Tax ID Numbers – How To Look Up Information On A Business

Tax ID Number in Business

Looking Up Information in a Business

This article provides information about finding the name and contact information for a business when the only information you have is its Federal Tax ID or Employer Identification Number (EIN).

Here are some tips:

  1. Gather the EIN or Federal Tax ID number that you will be researching; knowing whether it is for profit or not for profit organization can also prove helpful. If you have any other information such as the state that the business is located in, keep that handy, too. The bottom line is, although you can find information about many businesses using only an EIN, it can ease the process a bit to have some other identifying information.
  2. If you know or suspect that the company assigned the EIN is a not for profit, then start here. Start you search at the source: the Internal Revenue Service. You can simply enter the EIN, and if the company is in the IRS database of not-for-profit organizations, you will be provided with the e-Postcard filing for that company, including all of the contact information.
  3. If you know that the business is for profit, or you turned up no information on the IRS search engine, you can start contacting the IRS Telephone Assistance for Business. Sometimes you can be provided with information directly through an IRS representative if the individual representative believes that you legitimately need access to the information. There will be an explanation to do about where you obtained the EIN from, and why you require the information.

If contacting the IRS via telephone yields has no results, try your local IRS office in person. You can look up your local office here: Sometimes, speaking face to face with a local agent can do the trick. They do have access to the information that you want and it may be seen as more of a credible venture to them if you present yourself in person, rather than just call in to the 800 number where you are practically anonymous.

Federal Id Number

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