Business Tax ID Number – I Lost My EIN Number Where Can I Find It?

Business Tax ID Number

Finding Lost EIN

The United States government requires future business aspirants to have their own business tax ID number. Also known as the Employer Identification Number or EIN, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is the government’s agency that is solely responsible for the tax collection in the country. They give out the business tax ID number to business firms which are needed in applying business permits, tax reporting, and banking purposes.

If you already have a business tax ID number but are not sure what it is, there are various ways to find you tax number if you cannot locate it. Here are some ways to trace it:

  1. Look into your old tax returns. The business tax ID number is usually located at the top where you can find the employer’s address. If you do not have the old tax returns, you can check it on your W-2 form. Your tax ID number should be listed there in a box labeled EIN (Employer Identification Number)
  2. Call the IRS toll-free hotline (800-829-4933). The toll-free number is for any person or business that has questions about a tax ID number. An IRS agent is there to help you. An employee will ask you questions to verify information so be ready with your previous tax returns.
  3. Go down to your local city office and retrieve your business license application where you filed and ask for the misplaced business tax ID number. Take a proof of identification with you such as your licenses or any form of ID.

But if you still don’t have a business tax ID number and you are planning to have a company of your own, then you better get one. You can apply it online by logging in to the IRS official website. You can get your tax number immediately during the online session. Another way of filing your own tax number is by calling the IRS toll-free hotline and process an application. An assistor will get some information and gives out the business tax ID number after all the information have been validated.

Federal Id Number

Are you ready to get an EIN number for your business?

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